Litigation Support
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CJW personnel have worked with many law firms regarding environmental issues and formed relationships with many attorneys and their clients. We have supplied various types of litigation support services, including the following:

  • Regulatory Analysis Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler advises attorneys and their clients concerning regulatory requirements, the responsibilities imposed by those requirements, and the resulting liabilities. CJW provides liaison services on behalf of clients with environmental regulatory agencies.
  • Document Review and Depositions Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler's senior staff are experienced at reviewing documents to alert clients to potential inaccuracies contained in documents and depositions. Further, CJW senior staff has given depositions regarding various environmental cases.
  • Expert Testimony Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler provides technical expertise evaluations for litigation involving environmental issues. Our senior staff has appeared in court in a multimillion dollar law suits.
  • Site Investigation and Testing Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler's staff can accurately determine, in accordance with applicable regulations, whether sites have environmental hazards. We can locate, categorize, quantify and evaluate the condition of the material and recommend the appropriate course of action, in conformance with applicable regulations.