Underground Storage Tank Assessment and Closure
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Proper management of underground and aboveground storage tank systems is essential in order to avoid releases to the environment. This entails planning to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations, providing the appropriate safeguards against releases of regulated material from the tanks, and implementing appropriate upgrade and closure plans. Attention to these matters will assist in reducing the future risk of releases and subsequent liability with regard to contamination.

CJW personnel have completed a number of plans and specifications for the removal of storage tank systems. Further we can assist in the replacement, installation and/or upgrade of storage tank systems in accordance with current state and federal regulations. CJW can assist clients with the bidding and contractor selection process.

CJW can provide construction and closure monitoring services, including detailed evaluations of environmental conditions. Additionally, CJW understands and can provide the necessary regulatory response due to a release, should it be necessary. Knowing what the law requires and how to assess and manage contamination, if it exists, will lead to improved compliance and minimized "costs" in terms of time, money, and risk to public health and the environment.

Many state regulations require an assessment be performed at the time of UST closure to determine if there has been a release from the system to the environment. Having performed numerous closure assessments on tanks containing virgin and waste petroleum products and hazardous materials, CJW personnel can testify that it is imperative to be prepared to respond quickly should a release be discovered during UST closure activities. When contamination is encountered, it is important for those who are performing the closure to appropriately assess the extent of the contamination and manage contaminated media quickly and efficiently to prevent the spread of contamination. The following list presents the services that we provide regarding the management of USTs:

  • Underground Storage Tank Management
    • Federal, state, and local permitting
    • Third party inspections
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Arrange for tank integrity testing
    • Site investigation and assessment
    • Remedial/corrective action design
  • Tank Closures
    • Preparation of contractor specifications
    • Arrange for tank excavation and removal
    • Arrange for and manage excavation and disposal of contaminated soils
    • Construction management
    • Required sampling and testing
  • Monitoring Systems
    • Monitoring system design
    • Advancement of soil borings and installation of monitoring wells
  • Remedial Design and Engineering Services for Contaminated Soil and Groundwater