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Releases of Elemental Mercury
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Since 2005, CJW has been involved in the assessment and cleanup of releases of elemental mercury at schools in Massachusetts and residences in New York. Schools at which we have conducted such work have included Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Gateway Regional Middle/High School, Huntington, Massachusetts, Sullivan Elementary School, North Adams, Massachusetts; and Conte Middle School, North Adams, Massachusetts. Our work has included the assessment of concentrations of airborne mercury with portable instruments such as a Lumex Mercury Analyzer Model RA-915+ and a Jerome Meter; coordinating and directing cleanup activities that have included the use of mercury vacuums, mercury absorbing sponges, mercury absorbing powder, high temperature steam cleaners; removal of mercury-impacted materials such as flooring; and verification of air quality by sampling with Hopcalite solid sorbent using personal sampling pumps and analysis in accordance with NIOSH Method 6009.

Based on our successful work at various schools in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) has requested that we assist the MADEP in the preparation of a guidance document for the assessment and cleanup.