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Remedial Design and Engineering
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  • Soil Remediation
    Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler LSP/Project Manager providing oversight in the assessment and remediation of a release of No. 2 fuel oil at a residential property. The release occurred beneath the living area of the residence creating potential exposures to the occupants and an interest in expediting closure activities. CJW personnel notified the MADEP on behalf of the owner and prepared a Release Abatement Measure for treating impacted soils in place. CJW personnel installed a series of injection well and performed multiple treatments of soil with hydrogen peroxide. The treatment program reduced fuel oil concentrations in soil to below MCP standards. RAO was achieved without extensive excavation, minimizing the overall project costs.

  • Groundwater Remediation
    Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler personnel designed and supervised construction of a 50-point air sparge/vacuum extraction curtain intercepting a 700-foot wide VOC plume migrating toward an off-site pond. This project involved the expedited installation of a computer operated ground water treatment system and required an aggressive construction schedule to meet deadline imposed but regulatory agencies. The program enabled the client to avoid more than $1million in construction costs for a groundwater extraction and treatment system.

  • Groundwater Remediation
    Cushing, Jammallo & Wheeler personnel provided the design, construction and operation of a dual-phase groundwater remediation system at a residential property in which a release from a leaking UST resulted in approximately 2 feet of floating product beneath the residence. CJW converted existing angle borings into extraction wells to effectively facilitate the removal of oil and impacted groundwater from beneath the residence. Using a CJW pre-packaged groundwater remediation system, CJW expeditiously installed the system with minimal pilot testing. The system operated effectively for approximately 18 months without the relocation of the residents or the unacceptable noise impacts to the surrounding residences. Following the completion of the groundwater treatment program the site qualified for site closure under the Massachusetts Contingency Plan. Following site closure, CJW removed the treatment equipment with no impacts to the residential property.