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Environmental Site Assessments and Investigations
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  • Due Diligence Assessment - Manufacturing Facility
    Performed assessment of the current conditions and past uses of the manufacturing facility in a directed, cost effective fashion to provide information to support a conclusion that a release of hazardous materials had taken place at the property.

  • File Review - Manufacturing Facility
    Investigated the capabilities of an existing manufacturing facility through the collection of public information available in the files of the State regulatory agency. Evaluated existing environmental permits and provided an assessment of the manufacturing capabilities and the potential issues related to expansion of the facility. The assessment also included an evaluation of the need for remediation at the facility, the range of remedial cost and the capability to expand the facility.

  • Hazardous Materials Release Assessment - Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility
    Performed response services under an Immediate Response Action to supervise excavation of impacted soil and assess the need for additional response actions. Conducted sampling and analysis following completion of response activities and prepared an LSP opinion supporting a Response Action Outcome statement.

  • MCP Phase I Study -Manufacturing Facility
    Prepared a Phase I study meeting the requirements of the MCP using existing information generated on the facility during a previous investigation. Using information generated in a limited additional investigation, the facility qualified for a Response Outcome Statement following the off-site disposal of a small amount of contaminated soil.

  • Preliminary Assessments - Multiple Facilities
    As part of a property transfer evaluation, conducted preliminary assessment at more than 25 facilities describing current conditions and past uses of each parcel. Each property was visited to assess site conditions and identify potential nearby receptors. Using a standardized methodology, estimated remediation costs for each property was generated as a tool to determine property value.

  • Imminent Hazard Assessments - Multiple Facilities
    Performed imminent hazard assessments as part of a multiple facility property transfer. The program required an expedited program involving analytical sampling and an assessment of site conditions to identify nearby receptors. Based on site conditions, completed an evaluation of whether an Imminent Hazard was present and if additional follow up activities were necessary stabilize site conditions.

  • Phase II Site Investigation of Groundwater Contamination - Manufacturing Facility
    As a result of a due diligence assessment performed for the sale of the company's operations, sampling and testing revealed groundwater contaminated with chlorinated volatile organic compounds and methyl butyl ether (MBTE). The Phase II Site Investigation is focusing on the installation of bedrock monitoring wells and the potential source or sources of the contamination. CJW and its client are working closely with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) on this matter.